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3m wide Marquees

Here are just a few of our 3m wide marquee builds during 2017.

The 3m wide marquee is fantastic at adding that extra space, whether it is because your event area is restrict to space or you just need shelter for a catering or bar area.

The marquees come in many sizes from 3m x 4m to 3m x 12m and can be joined or added together to create a longer marquee

I hope the images below help you visualise what your marquee needs are.

A no thrills 3m x 4m marquee set up in December to provide more standing area

Another 3m x 4m frame this time making use of a tight area between the house and outside bar

A 3m x 4m set up outside a scout hut in readiness for a bar area

3m x 6m marquee with trestle tables to seat 18 guests for dinner

3m x 10m marquee seating up to 30 guests on a row of trestle tables

Once again a 3m x 10m marquee for seating but this time with 5′ round tables

3m x 6m marquee set up for Caterers at a wedding hall

A 3m x 6m party tent set up in the customers garden for a Family get together.

A 3m x 6m roof only frame to help shelter students at a college open day

An open fronted 3m x 10m garden party marquee for a birthday party

This customer had a 3m x 10m tent with an internal partition wall – See image to the right for the reason

One section of the marquee was for standing room whilst the other area housed a hot tub

You may not believe that you have the space. This is the framework for a 3m x 8m – See next image

This is the same space with the marquee fully built and secured

Or you might have the space but would just like the marquee to act as an entrance to the garden