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6m wide Marquees

Our 6m Clear Span Marquee range provide you with more options when it comes to seating arrangements and are perfect for providing that extra space for a dance floor area as well as your seating area.

Starting at 6m wide x 3m deep, this frame builds in 3m bay increments, allowing you to hire the desired size needed for your event.

To see what 6m wide party tents look like with linings click HERE.

And to visualise how furniture works inside this frame click HERE.

6m x 3m set up against a local pub

6m x 3m frame to cover a small band

6m x 6m frame with Dance Floor

6m x 6m frame for a Birthday party

6m x 6m frame with Water Tank Weights

6m x 6m frame with an open front

6m x 9m Funeral Marquee

6m x 9m frame set up for a luncheon event

6m x 9m frame with open overhang to comply with Covid rules

6m x 12m frame at Huntingdon Gala for stall holders

6m x 12m frame with pano roof and triangle canvas

6m x 12m frame for a wedding party

6m x 9m frame with Four 5′ rounds and a top table for a Wedding seating 49

6m x 12m frame with Seven 5′ round tables seating 70 (can seat up to 80)

6m x 15m frame with 3 rows of rustic trestle tables seating 144 guests

6m x 15m wedding marquee

6m x 18m frame at Alconbury sports and social club

6m x 21m frame for a football league presentation