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9m wide Marquees

For Wedding parties, or corporate events, or event just because you have the space, our 9m Wide Marquees will build in 3m bays.

Our 9m Clear Span Marquees build from a 9m x 3m frames up to a 9m x 39m in 3m bay increments. Giving you the space you need.

I hope the images below help you visualise what your marquee needs are.

9m x 3m wedding marquee for extra space

9m x 3m marquee joined to the conservatory

9m x 6m Marquee used during the excavations of a WW2 Spitfire

9m x 6m at Peterborough Showground

Two 9m x 6m marquees in an amazing setting

9m x 9m set up in a pub garden for a wake

9m x 9m joined to a village hall

9m x 9m band tent

9m x 9m with the front open

9m x 12m at Buckden Towers

Inside the Buckden Towers 9m x 12m marquee

9m x 12m for a school Christmas Fayre

9m x 15m set up for a show

9m x 15m for a Cricket function

9m x 15m Wedding marquee

9m x 18m wedding marquee

Horror at Hinchinbrooke House

9m x 18m Stukeley Ball

9m x 30m marquee set up

inside a 9m x 30m marquee

9m x 30m marquee for a clasic car show