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9m wide Marquees

For Wedding parties, Corporate events, or just because you have the space, our 9m Wide Marquees build in 3m bays, starting from a 9m x 3m to 9m x 39m.

To see what 9m wide party tents look like with linings click HERE.

And to visualise how furniture works inside this frame click HERE.

9m x 3m wedding marquee for extra space

9m x 3m frame joined to the conservatory

9m x 6m frame for a party event

9m x 6m frame at Peterborough Showground

Two 9m x 6m frames in this amazing setting

9m x 9m set up in a pub garden for a wake

9m x 9m frame, on Gravel for Anniversary

9m x 9m frame with amazing views

9m x 9m with the front open

9m x 12m frame for a corporate event

9m x 12m Birthday event frame

9m x 12m wedding frame with a 3m x 3m entrance

9m x 15m frame with Pano windows

9m x 15m wedding frame

9m x 15m car show marquee

9m x 18m wedding marquee

9m x 18m frame at Horror at Hinchinbrooke House

9m x 18m wedding frame

9m x 21m wedding frame

9m x 30m show marquee for exhibitors

9m x 36m wedding frame