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There are a few options when it comes to flooring your marquee. Firstly the cheapest option is to use the grass below your feet. However if you are not blessed with a lovely lawn or the weather has not been kind to the area then the next option is Marquee Matting.

This is the simplest option and the one used by most of my customers. Of course if you are going for a certain look and budget is not an issue then Event Carpet can also be laid directly onto most surfaces. The standard colour charcoal grey is neutral and is less likely to show up every mark your guests may make, however as in the images below other colour are available in the current range.

Both flooring options are stretched out and nailed down to provide a flat surface. Please note however, that matting and carpet will follow the contour of the ground and a relatively even area is still required.

Flooring Hire Prices

Description Price
Marquee Matting £1.50 sqm
New Carpet £2.75 sam, (Standard Grey – other colours may vary)
Used Carpet £1.80 sqm, (Stock permitting)
Hard Flooring £POA